What is Life Coaching?

Working with a life coach helps you close the gap between where you are in life and where you want to be.  It is having conversations and acquiring strategies to help you become the person you want to become in life, to conquer the fears that you have about achieving what you want to achieve, and building healthy, intentional relationships with people so that you can give the best version of yourself to your interactions.  A Life Coach tells you things that people around you are too polite to tell you, or don’t have the skills to discern.

Strategies that come from working with a coach include ways to solve challenges and overcome obstacles that get in the way of our happiness, fulfilment, and joyfulness so that we can live the fullest expression of ourselves. Once we become masters of our own destiny, we can in turn help foster that fullest expression in others.  Working with a coach improves all areas of your life and provides the support you need to stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone into what’s truly possible!

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Take the next step towards your fulfilling life of meaning and purpose. Immersive Coaching happens twice per month, and requires a minimum 2.5 hour commitment bi-weekly. Don’t panic – this is how real change becomes your new way of life.

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Immersive Coaching – Create profound, lasting change.

Mastery of anything – mindset, relationships, motivation, finances, businesses, life purpose – comes from consistent growth and commitment to action. Immersive coaching keeps your commitment consistent and keeps you persistent, especially when your “motivation” tends to wane. See profound results through proven tools and strategies to get you the inspired life you truly desire. Your hunger for fulfillment, meaning, and purpose in life is met with deep and intimate time and tools with a one on one supportive, honest and skilled coach. Trained in Strategic Intervention, Erin is deeply passionate about helping you create the life of your dreams!

Make profound, lasting transformations through Immersive Coaching. Immersion is the deep conditioning of retraining ours behaviours & our nervous system through committing to absolute mastery of new skill sets, emotional shifts, and new habit execution so that you can transform your life for good instead of for the moment. It is an investment in yourself that will help you create the life you know is truly meant for you. Annihilate fears and excuses and get congruent with your purpose.

Immersive coaching requires a leap of faith and a sincere commitment. If it is your time to transform, please reach out below, and tell us more about yourself:

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Food Adventures


The Whole 30 We embark on some very dedicated nutrition challenges as a community. It typically starts with the Bootcamp group (or the group Formerly Known As Bootcamp, now known as this symbol ?). We want an elite level of mastery over our actions and potential, so we choose something to eliminate and something to …

Healthy Start Fitness


Building physical strength reinforces your mental and emotional strength. It is the key to lasting mental, emotional & physical well being. What and how you gain in your pursuit of fitness can help you overcome obstacles in all areas of your life. Challenging yourself to become better than you were yesterday is the ultimate path of empowerment. It helps you to reclaim your sense of youthfulness and vitality, boosts energy and allows you to move in ways that are strong, flexible, and fluid. Help eliminate pain, movement dysfunction, and low energy with consistent, purposeful movement. Fitness Programming specific to your needs and your level of ability as well as your individual goals through personal training, small group training, family training, bootcamps and corporate fitness programs.

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Aerial & Vinyasa Flow are the stars of the show.

Come to the mat to find your balance between work and rest in a Vinyasa Flow class (Hatha Yoga) at the YMCA on Tuesday mornings from 9:15-10:15 am

Find More information here: YMCA Lethbridge Class Schedule

Personal Yoga: Customized classes for your individual or group needs. Anywhere, anytime, we have yoga for you! Click the button to the right to get in touch.

Personal & Corporate Yoga

Personal Training – Mobile Fitness

We deliver purposeful movement to you however and wherever it best suits your needs. Individualized programming for your specific goals, one on one or in a private group. Gyms are available for training, but not necessary. Boardrooms, living rooms and backyards all make great playgrounds when training for the sport of life. There’s a Link for that too…

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